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'The Jane' Restaurant by Piet Boon Studio.

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Ben Kuhns (USA) - Ice Castles in Midway, Utah

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Les Ecotagnes Treehouse

A special B&B called Ecotagnes at west of La Clusaz, in France, has been built by a ski instructor and helicopter pilot, Patrice Bernard, and his son, Hugo.

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Les Ecotagnes

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Packs lined up outside the Rivers End Restaurant at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. Their owners inside eating a big breakfast before the big climb out of the gap.

David Oliete.

One of the most important (and perhaps most inspiring) traditions of CataloniaSpain, is that of building castells – human towers usually consisting of up to 500 people, often up to 10 men high. The custom dates back to the late 18th century, and usually takes place during certain festivals throughout the year in Catalonia as well as the Balearic Islands. The most important castell-building event during the year however, is the prestigious Concurs de Castells, a biannual competition that takes place in the city of Tarragona where castell teams compete to produce the tallest and most difficult human tower. Constituting a significant part of Catalonian culture and a true celebration of human collaboration, courage and togetherness, castell-building was added to UNESCO’s list of ‘Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’ in 2010.


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Restoration of the Old Church of Corbera d’Ebre Tarragona Ferran Vizoso

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The Jantar Mantar in Jaipur. This is one of 5 observatories built by Sawai Jai Singh. Built between 1728 and 1734, the Mantar is a series of different astronomical instruments. The instruments are still incredibly accurate at telling the time, the season, the date, etc.


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Against the grain

Filmed and edited entirely by Alex Aimard during the Big way experience and the floquentials 2013 at

Organised by:
Mike Carpenter
Jim Harris
Matt Hill

Thanks to all the participants, the organisers and Skydive Spain.

Specials thanks to UPT - Cypress - Boogie Man - L&B - PD - Tonfly to make such a good gear and trust me to play with it.

This movie was uploaded and shared the last day of the event.

Pickett @ 240fps

We stopped down at the Pickett house while in Florida for a few weeks and picked up a few slow mo clips of some of the regulars.

Attenborough and the blind baby rhino

Published on Feb 22, 2013

From Africa, a 2013 television series co-produced by the BBC Natural History Unit and the Discovery Channel. 
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Freestyle Kayaker

Few people have pursued Whitewater Kayaking for as long with as much passion as Bryan Kirk. Bryan discusses how he continues to experience the rivers draw while paddling the New River Dries in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Starring: Bryan Kirk

Directed/Edited by: Kelsey Thompson

Music: Joshua Van Tassel- Come Home Safe To Me

Special Thanks: Cheri McKenzie, Jessica Prescott, Courtney Neel, Shannon Christy, Hans Nutz, Shane Groves, Chris Wing

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Sandro Weibel - Helvetic Tricking - 400fps

This Video was mainly Shot during a 7 Days Trip of three friends through Switzerland in August 2012. (Thanks to the crew for this great and funny adventure!)
It’s the second part of 3 Tricking-Movie Projects we planned to do during these days.
With the Sony fs700 we recorded different Tricking-Moves with 400 frames per second in front of stunning locations and places of interest.
Trying to inspire and show the beauty and variety of this country (and tricking of course).
Start tricking now ;) uuuuh…and come to Switzerland :)
Several Moves were landed safely..

Check out the first part too:

Crew: Sandro Weibel, Micha Hurni, Adrian Bhend

Song used: Florence + the Machine - Spectrum (Say My Name)(Instrumental)

Florence + The Machine:

GoPro: Director's Cut - Shark Riders

Extreme BASE jumps in Majlis Al Jinn, Oman

GoPro: Close Encounters - Proximity Flying With Jokke Sommer